Hello, I'm Chris Crudelli.
 If you're reading this page, first of all, thanks for visiting us and having an interest in what we're up to.  This site is dedicated to a unique project in the history of martial arts.  No matter what your background in martial arts or what style you come from, it's fair to say that shaolin kung fu has either directly played a part in the development of your art or has influenced it in some significant way.  This makes us martial artists, basically, one huge family.  
As our arts have developed and changed based on their various geographical, cultural & political surroundings, most arts' practitioners and teachers have become further removed from the peaceful & serene Temple origin of the arts we love so much.

 My mission is to bring the arts home, so to speak,  to allow practitioners the valuable experience of "knowing the source of the river" & developing a meaningful relationship with the Southern Shaolin Temple thus furthering their knowledge snd understanding of their art & themselves as individuals.
 This can only be acheived  through  experiencing Shaolin Buddhist Monastic life first hand and understanding Chinese culture, martial arts and philosophy not just from a text book, but from the living, breathing embodiment of Zen, Martial Arts, and Shaolin Culture. 

I first became interested in martial arts as a young boy and I practiced martial arts for over 30 years. I lived in China and Asia for almost half of that.  I speak, read and write Chinese, and qualified as a teacher with a rank of Sifu (Master) in Hong Kong some 20 years ago.
Since becoming a teacher I've gone on to develop a range of very well known contacts in the martial arts world,  my teaching status and good standing in the Asian martial arts community has allowed me  access to people and places that most find unreachable.  
I've been taking students abroad on training trips for nearly a decade, but this year finally achieved a lifelong goal, and managed for the first time in history to gain open access to the mythical Southern Shaolin Temple.  
I have long been a Southern Kung Fu practitioner so grew up with tales of the temples  history & heroics and I hold the Kung Fu styles that originated in the South in the highest regard.

In the Summer of 2016 I was accepted into the temple with a handful of practitioners from my own ABC COMBAT SYSTEM  & given the rare honour by the Abbott of the  temple to be the first Westerner to cooperate with the Inner temple directly. With the creation of this website, ShaolinExperience.com, it is my intention to introduce  individuals into the inner temple where they can experience a small slice of genuine Shaolin Monastic life.  
These lucky individuals will eat and live inside the temple with the monks, gain first hand knowledge and experience from their martial cannon, undergo millennia old Shaolin Buddhist Ceremony and genuinely integrate with inner temple life.  For the first time in over 1000 years the temple has opened its door to an outsider and allowed me to bring non-monks to the inner temple to have the ultimate Shaolin Experience.                  


Honours Graduate of London University
The School of Oriental & African Studies: Chinese Language & Literature
Beijing Normal University. Advanced Mandarin
Yonsei University Seoul. Post Grad Korean Language
Birmingham Old Rep Theatre School:Acting
NW5 London Post Grad: Theater studies
Fluency in Chinese, Mandarin/ Cantonese.

A recognized authority on Asia and its people, languages, cultures & sub-
Research interest in Asian & African anthropology, theology and warrior
Author of best selling Encyclopaedia 'The Way of The Warrior'
published by D.K. (Penguin Books) in 5 languages in over 20 countries world wide.
Internationally acclaimed & award winning martial artist (30 years
11 Years solo backpacking across every continent of the world.
14 years field experience in N & SE Asia .

In Front & Behind the Camera

A China Expert, Award Winning Author, Director & BBC TV Host.
Chris first came to public attention as Host and Writer of 'Mind Body Kick Ass Moves' the most widely distributed Factual Entertainment Documentary in BBC TV history (broadcast in over 180 countries world wide).

Later Chris worked as a Producer & Exec Producer & Director for BBC and other reputable broadcasters gaining experience in European & Asian television markets. He also worked as a Host and Executive Producer for Rogers Television in North American and as a Producer, host & Director for CCTV in China. Working in multiple countries gave him a unique understanding & international perspective on differing work practices, methodologies and thinking.

Areas of expertise:
Directing, Hosting, Writing, Field Producing, Series Producing & Exec Producing, Funding, Format creation, Budgeting, International Co-Productions. International Sales.

Over 1 Billion Views Worldwide

Crudelli's BBC series have been broadcast in over 180 countries
worldwide making him one of the UK's most exported and played presenters in BBC television history. Estimated to have been viewed by over 1 billion people worldwide his first documentary series concentrated on the more exotic, elaborate systems of far eastern martial arts and has enjoyed continued cult success on BBC television, Discovery Channel.

Chris's First BBC TV Shows see him travel straight to the source, filming in China, Japan, the Philippines, India, Nepal, Korea, Thailand & Taiwan. The series examines, through interviews and experiments, the more diverse, aspects of martial enlightenment, from extreme conditioning to the downright unusual. This gives the show a strange hybrid quality of -style stunt show, complete with preliminary disclaimer, and part mentalist, show, with tricks and mind games, which Crudelli manages to blend seamlessly.

As shown through all the series hosted by Crudelli, he is not only a Kung Fu & Tai chi master but also a master of the mystical energies of Qi , which are demonstrated throughout the series.